Peeper Frog - Top Water Lure

$7.99 USD


  • Three striking colors: Leopard, Pickerel, and Wood
  • Hard top water lure
  • Hook located at the head, for better hook-up rates as fish hit head first
  • Natural look and high-quality finish
  • Contains internal rattles, as an extra attractant
  • Head hangs down slightly underwater when resting (peeping), "inviting" fish to attack
  • Weighs 1/2 oz, allowing for further casts
  • Sleek design with no legs allows for better hook-ups
  • Pop, Twitch, Skip, Pause - get ready for explosive attacks
  • Each package contains 1 Peeper Frog


Leopard Frog:

Leopard Bottom:


Pickerel Frog:

Pickerel Bottom:


Wood Frog:

Wood Bottom: