Mojo Macky

$7.99 USD
  • Life-like body shape
  • Internal rattles, for extra attraction
  • Weighted for long distance casting
  • Great for both salt water and fresh water game fish
  • Thundermist Lure Company's custom "sleek design", makes for an easy meal for gamefish
  • Fish simply cannot resist, the "MoJo Macky"
  • Body Size: 5 inch

    Pencil Model - Mojo Macky, Top Water Lure

    • Fantastic "walk-the-dog" action when twitched
    • Various darting motions
    • Weight: 1 oz 


    Popper Model - MoJo Macky, Top Water Lure

    • Specialized Lip Design creates "extreme water splash"
    • Versatile Lure - pop, retrieve or twitch - produce varying "fish enticing" actions
    • Weight: 1 1/4 oz

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