Boa Jig'r

$2.99 USD

There’s only one thing better than a jigging spoon – and that’s a jigging spoon with bait! The Boa Jig’r is actually designed to accommodate live bait, cut bait, or artificial soft plastic bait.

Of course the Boa Jig’r will work without bait, but by adding bait, it makes the Boa Jig’r simply irresistible to all game fish, giving anglers the edge.

With its two hook design, the top hook and bottom hook accommodate and hold your bait very nicely. Also, the bottom hook is a “bent Limerick” hook which not only acts as a built in stinger hook, but also gives you a “hook-setting advantage”.

The Boa Jig’r also features fish attracting “clacking beads”. The brass and plastic beads make a distinct clacking sound which attracts fish and triggers fish to strike. The ruby red plastic bead also acts as an additional attractor…what a great combination!

Complete with its sleek design, the Boa Jig’r has an irresistible, erratic fall with 24 karat gold plating.

The Boa Jig’r is salt water ready and fresh water ready. It’s also fantastic to use while ice fishing! So if you are fishing open water or ice fishing, the Boa Jig’r is great for a multitude of game fish.

Between the Boa Jig’rs erratic fall, clacking beads, its two hook design, and added bait, it’s no wonder Thundermist Lure Company says to “snap on a Boa Jig’r and get ready to catch fish after fish”!

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