Uni-Viper Spoon

$7.99 USD

The enticing Uni-Viper Spoon combines flash and flutter action, colorful beads and your favorite bait, making it irresistible to both saltwater and freshwater fish.

Uni-Viper Spoons are premium plated for maximum flash and durability.

Uni-Viper Spoon-Sizes and Specs
Size Spoon Length Spoon-Only Weight Overall Length (Spoon to Hook) Hook Size Overall Rig Weight
SU20 3 3/4" 0.4oz 8" 3/0 0.6oz
SU40 4 3/4" 0.6oz 9" 4/0 0.8oz


Use With Saltwater Baits:
Squid, cut-bait strip, baitfish, worm, shrimp, eel, clam, sardine, mackerel, ballyhoo, mullet, anchovy, herring, artificial soft plastics

Use With Freshwater Baits:
Baitfish, cut-bait strip, skein, nightcrawler, leech, herring, artificial soft plastics

Options of Use:

  • Drift or troll
  • Downrigger, divers, planer board
  • Flat linning, lead-core line
  • Bottom bounce