Zip-Line Sinker Slides

$2.99 USD

Each package includes 3 Zip-Line Sinker Slides!

Internal Roller - No Resistance - No Line Wear - Handles All Line Types

  • 3 zip-line sinker slides in each pack along with 3 beads
  • New, innovative, sinker-slide technology from Thundermist Lure Company - the newest member of the "Perfect Series" family, takes the sinker slide to the next level
  • Zip-Line Sinker Slide has an internal roller... no drag on your line and no line wear - super smooth!
  • Thundermist Lure Company custom camo color, won't spook fish and easily blends in with the bottom
  • Super high strength material makes the Zip-Line great for braid and all other line types
  • All quality/premium components make the Zip-Line ready for both fresh and saltwater use
  • Line easily rolls along through the Zip-Line, undetected by fish, triggering more bites!
  • Each Zip-Line Sinker Slide has the special, extra-wide, Thundermist sinker snap. Duo-lock design for quick/easy changing of sinkers - black nickel coated for fresh or saltwater use - extra-wide snap easily accommodates a variety of sinkers, including bank sinkers
  • Dimensions: Zip-Line is 5/8" wide, 1" long and 1/2" thick. Overall length with the snap is 2"



Front, Side, and Top views: