T-Turn 3-Way Swivel

$3.49 USD
The center swivel is free to spin 360 degrees, allowing your bait or lure to work freely as intended, equating to a better presentation, and thus triggering more hits while preventing line twists and tangles. With their black beads and black nickel plating, all sizes of T-Turns keep a low profile in the water, with less visibility to fish. 
  • The T-Turn 3-way swivel allows optimum performance, greatly minimizing line twists and tangles
  • Optimum lure or bait presentation is achieved, due to the ability of the center swivel to spin freely 360°
  • Black nickel finish and black beads for low-profile, low-visibility in the water

The T-Turn is an extremely versatile 3-way swivel and an absolute pleasure to use great for fishing off a boat or from shore - bottom bounce, troll, drift, cast, or still-fish… great for any 3-way application.

"Thundermist Lure Company - home of the true, original, T-Turn swivel"... quality at its best!

T-Turn Specs
Rating Size Overall Length Overall Width Eye Diameter
20 LB. X-Small 16mm 8mm 2mm
35 LB. Small 20mm 10mm 3mm
55 LB. Medium 25mm 12mm 4mm
85 LB. Large 35mm 18mm 5mm
120 LB. X-Large 43mm 20mm 7mm


Size X-Small: The extra small T-Turn is also known as the "tiny T-Turn" because it is so small. Although it is rated for 20 lbs, we recommend using this x-small T-Turn for light line applications requiring a finesse approach. You can use up to 20 lb test line, but we suggest using line ranging form 2 lb - 8 lb test. (or braid up to 10 lb test)

Size Small: The small size T-Turn can be used with line up to 35 lbs, but we suggest using this small size T-Turn with line ranging from 6 lb - 12 lb test (or braid up to 20 lb)

Size Medium: The medium size T-Turn is a great all purpose size, excellent for most applications. Although you can use line up to 55 lbs, we suggest using line ranging from 10 lb - 25 lb (or braid up to 30 lb)

Size Large: The large size T-Turn is great for large game fish. Although it can be used with line up to 85 lbs, lb) we suggest using line ranging from 15 lb to 40 lb test (or braid up to 60 lb)

Size X-Large: This is the largest and strongest of T-Turns, great for big, strong gamefish. It has a large eye capable of handling large diameter line. Use with line up to 100 lb test (or braid up to 120 lb)

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