Catching catfish with the brand new Catch-A-Cat!

We're pleased to introduce to you the brand new Catch-A-Cat! A super-easy to use bait pocket designed specifically for holding bait like chicken livers, pieces of cut baits, or any bait you like to use for catfishing. Fishing for catfish our entire lives we're always thought, "There has to be something better." We designed this as something we wish we had growing up.

It's a simple design where you add your bait into the pocket, pull it closed, cut off the extra line, and you're done! No tying knots, no breaking mesh, and easy to do - even with messy and wet hands.

We designed the mesh to optimize scent release to maximize attracting catfish with the right colour to help entice those bites.

▶ If you want to get your own Catch-A-Cat™, you can get them here: